Website Design


Web and Social Media Management

Already have a website and social media accounts, but just don't have the time to maintain them?  Let Ningenuity take the pressure off with our maintenance plans.


We'll check in on your accounts as often as you like, respond to questions and comments and seek out or create engaging content to share across your accounts.  There's no better way for your small business to keep all of your customers up to date and engage with hundreds or thousands of people than through social media.  You may have been putting off updating your Twitter, but don't put off this opportunity to build your brand online with Ningenuity.  Contact us today for a quote.

Wedding Websites

If you're looking for a website to celebrate your engagement and upcoming nuptials, we can take care of everything for you.  From finding the perfect domain name, to making sure your registries are easy to navigate, Ningenuity specializes in wedding and engagement site design.


Take full advantage of technology - and save a ton of time and money - by creating digital RSVP forms, electronic registries and update emails that are as engaging and intuitive as your website.


We can also help you design traditional and contemporary engagement announcements, invitations and set up an exciting video diary series to keep your friends and family up to date.

Web and Social Media Services


You already know that a strong web presence is key to staying competitive - both locally and in the virtual marketplace - but do you know how to build and maintain that web presence?


We can help!  Ningenuity offers a variety of web and social media services that are designed to keep your brand looking modern while generating more hits and keeping users engaged for a longer period of time.

Search Engine Optimization

If you're looking to get more hits on Google, Bing or Yahoo, look no further.  The web team at Ningenuity has spent countless hours studying the complexities of Search Engine Optimization.  The advancements in SEO over recent years have made it even easier to  get your website and social media accounts noticed by the right kinds of clients.  At the same time, it's become harder and harder to STAY at the top of search engine results because so many others are also vying for that top spot!


It's important to remember, just like with your website and social media, you can't "set it and forget it" - permium Search Engine Optimization takes weeks or moths to develop, but takes even longer to maintain.  If you want to top the search results month after month, you need Ningenuity's Dynamic SEO.  We'll look after your sites on a regular basis, continually assessing analytics data and making adjustments to your content and metadata to produce higher quality results.

Web Hosting

Get rid of expensive hosting fees with hard to understand rules and guidelines regarding bandwidth, storage and number of accounts.  With our web design services, you have the option of having us host your site and manage your servers, accounts, email addresses and FTP.  And at a fraction of the cost of your typical web hosting service!