Ten-Point Assessment

With our ten-point package, we'll look into the most common tools businesses should be utilizing in the virtual marketplace and provide you with a complete report as well as our recommendations on how to improve your web traffic.

This report includes the following topics:


  • Google Search Results
  • Website Keywords and Content Quality
  • Google Business Profile
  • Industry Keyword Research
  • Chief Competitors Research
  • Mobile and Tablet Optimization
  • Visual Content Marketing Utilization
  • Facebook Presence and Engagement
  • Twitter Presence and Engagement
  • Advertising and Marketing Use

Virtual Identity Assessments

If you are wondering how to rank at the top of search results for Google and on social media, we can help answer those questions.  Our web experts will examine your website and social media pages to find opportunities to expose you to more viewers and increase interaction with potential clients.


We'll research the top search terms in your industry and help you use those keywords to increase your search rankings.  Additionally, we'll find your biggest online and local competitors and look into their web traffic and create a plan to divert their search traffic to you.

Virtual Business Package

In addition to our ten-point inspection, we'll provide you with invaluable services to increase the quality of your virtual identity and increase search result quality and user engagement.


  • Setup and Completion of Google Business Profile
  • Website Description and Metadata Updates
  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Competitor Web Traffic 'Hijacking'
  • Visual Content and Branding Design
  • Facebook Account Setup and Maintenance
  • Twitter Account Setup and Maintenance
  • Adwords and Facebook Advertizing Implementation


All of these services are available with our Desktop and Mobile website design packages!