Web and Social Media Startup and Maintenance


Need to maintain an active profile on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but don't have the time?  Want to keep your website up to date, but don't feel comfortable working with HTML?  Let our web specialists take care of your needs with regular updates, site creation, visual content, videos and more!  We work with you to create the web-reputation you desire.

Business Efficiency and Organization


Let us help you streamline your day-to-day operations by getting you, your clients and your team connected.  Our efficiency experts will assess your businesses needs and determine where the biggest time-losses are in your daily operations, creating solutions to expedite those tasks.

Marketing and Special Promotion Campaigns


We work with you to create fun and unique marketing campaigns, special promotions or appearances at public events to drive more customers to your business.  Whether planning for a holiday sale or just looking to overcome a mid-season lull, we can help find and entice the kind of clients you want.

Instructional and Promotional Videos


We can help you connect with your clients using the magic of television (er, Youtube)!  The them know about new product or helpful tricks and tips.  If you're in a service based industry, we can help you monetize your talents by creating feature-length instructional videos to be sold on DVD and online (Amazon, Google Play, et al).

Custom Graphics, Logo and Business Form Design


Our creative team can create modern and classic designs to identify and promote your brand. We specialize in business logos, fliers, mailers, business cards and business forms (eg. customer surveys, intake forms).

TV and Radio Advertisement Creation


Ningenuity specializes in audio and video content development. Our team can create an entire radio or television ad for you from scratch.  We'll write the content (with your approval, of course), find the right actors and film in our private studio, featuring green screen technology and a full array of stage lighting.  After, we'll professionally edit and add additional content - and we'll even take care of getting your video on YouTube and social media!

Mobile App Design


If you're in retail, a delivery service or just want to stay connected with your clients, your business needs an app to stay competitive.  Our creative team will work with you to design a sleek mobile application that will help you create more business and buzz.

Smart Mailing List Management


Even with the prolific use of social media, you need to make sure your customers are seeing your most important announcements.  We will create a beautiful HTML email campaign to be sent out to your clients on a regular basis with special offers and promotions.  You'll receive regular reports on how many people are opening your emails and clicking the links.

Services for Musicians and Bands


If you're trying to get your music heard, we can help!  Our team has over two decades of experience in the music industry.  We can help with just about any aspect of your career, from mixing and producing your audio recordings to designing a modern electronic press kit or classic hard-copy.  Additionally, we can help write, produce and edit a music video or performance footage.

Special Services for Authors


Our team is ready to help you take your literary career to the next level.  We can design modern cover art for your upcoming release. Or, if you'd like to explore a new and ever-growing market, we'll record and produce your audio book.

International Business


Ningenuity is here to help your business enter the United States market.  We can help you get a professional website and online store that appeals to the American consumer.  We can also assist with shipping and receiving, payment processing and business licensing.  Translation services are available and we are ideally suited to work with companies in Japan, India, China and Mexico.