Specialty Services for Musicians, Bands, Artists and Actors

When we say "We have a heart for art" we aren't kidding.  We've been working in the entertainment and performance industry for over twenty years.  In fact, both of our founders are musicians and performers.  You can even hear them featured on some of the recordings on our Audio/Video Page!

Because we're not only business and design specialists, but artists ourselves, we can provide an excellent balance of creative and contemporary to your career with our designs.


Keep reading to find out how our services can help you.


As recording artists and performers with hundreds of studio credits and thousands of live performances under our belt, we know what it takes to be successful in the music industry.  We can talk to you like a musician and understand your language so your vision can be realized.  We provide nearly everything a musician needs to succeed:


Audio Production, Mixing and Mastering

Album Cover Design

Press Kits and Electronic Press Kits

Fliers, Posters and Postcards

Business Cards, Contracts, Forms

Merchandise Design

Web and Social Media Management

Music Video Production and Editing

Composing and Additional Instrumentation

Business and Booking Consultations

Digital Distribution (Amazon, iTunes, Play Store, etc.)


We love the theater.  In fact, we even have a few credits ourself (HAIR, Rocky Horror Show, et al). Because of this experience and our love for the art, we're especially qualified to help your acting career thrive.  While we can't teach you how to act, we can help you get your name out there and assist in your rise to the top.


Video Audition Tapes

Web and Social Media Management

Press Kits and Electronic Press Kits

Business Cards, Contracts, Forms

Representation and Negotiation Consulting

Public Appearances, Interviews


Love creating art, but not sure how to make a living at it?  Our team can help you find the right buyers for your pieces - both locally and worldwide.


Gallery and Showing Placement

Retail and Dining Placement

Digital Distribution (Esty, Amazon, et al)

Web and Social Media Management

Business Cards, Filers, Postcards

Merchandising (putting your artwork on other products)

And to show how much we love you, here's something you can use for free - a gift from Ningenuity to you.

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